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Does one of our minis speak directly to your heart? Sponsor her today!

With unique talents and personalities, all of our minis are special and one-of-a-kind! We love when individuals make personal connections with each of our girls. If your heart is drawn to one (or more!) of our mares, the best way to support her is through a monthly or annual sponsorship.

Sponsors receive special perks including a personalized digital sponsorship certificate, a digital fact sheet, and periodic updates about the sponsored mini. You may also gift sponsorship to a loved one or sponsor in someone's memory (this option is available during the check-out process).

The minimum monthly sponsorship donation is $50/month, and the minimum annual sponsorship donation is $600/year.

If you haven't already picked out a mini to sponsor, you can find their bios (and some adorable photos!) here: Meet the Minis

NOTE: Monthly sponsorship contributions will be automatically processed on an ongoing basis, using the payment method provided. If you would like to cancel your sponsorship at any time, please follow this guide. If you have questions or trouble, please email minitherapyhorsesinfo@gmail.com.

*The ultimate use of your donation is at the discretion of Mini Therapy Horses and its Board of Directors.